Thanskgiving Giveaway 

Every year Victory Life Center gives Thanksgiving groceries to thousands of needy people in our community.
Each basket contains a turkey, 5 lbs of potatoes, 5 lbs of yams, onions, celery, canned vegetables, olives, cranberry sauce, eggs, stuffing mix, rolls and butter.
Some of the food is donated and the rest is purchased with money received from offerings given by the generous members of our church.
Victory Life center is much more than just a church, in fact, this ministry was birthed from a modest feeding program. Several decades ago Jerry and Susan were on their way to a church to listen to a speaker when they stopped into a local convenience store. Jerry saw a homeless man who was wearing shoes twice as large as needed standing in the rain.
Pastors Jerry and Susan were in a Lincoln wearing nice clothing. Just then, Pastor said to the Lord, if you help me I will help them, and a feeding program was birthed into existence. The Lord has always provided for the Modesto Love Center and later the Commodity Supplemental Food Program or CSFP for short.
Anything Pastor Jerry has put his hand to has been blessed just as you partnering with him and the VLC congregation will bless you and your business. We stand with the community for the community with the Lord squarely in the midst.







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